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bottled water choices

Differences in bottled water:

What am I really buying



With the vast choice of bottled water available on the market it is hard to know what the best buy is. Are they all the same? But what do the different types mean? Most bottled water is labelled as spring/mineral or purified but sometimes it can come from the Alps or glaciers in snowy regions.


Purified Water

This is water that has had all the chemicals and contaminants removed by a filtration process. The advantage is there are no hidden nasties but any trace elements that are good for us have also been removed. Many brands do add back the minerals and trace elements that are beneficial to us. Brands include Dasani and Aquafina


Distilled water

This is water that has been boiled and the condensation collected from the steam. There are no microbes or minerals left and the water will taste flat and of nothing. An example is Glaceau Smartwater.


Spring water

This is the most common form of bottled water. It has been taken from an underground source or where a spring breaks through the ground. This water may also have been filtered or purified depending on the source. Spring water often contains dissolved minerals and nutrients such as potassium and calcium that can be beneficial to us. It is usually bottled at the source. Examples include Evian and Arrowhead Mountain Spring Water, a Nestle brand.


Mineral water

Similar to spring water this comes from a source, typically underground and will contain a variety of dissolved minerals. In the US, mineral water must contain at least 250 parts per million of dissolved minerals and solids with the proportion of each listed on the bottle. Water with minerals added to it cannot be called mineral water. An example is Calistoga.



Many of the popular bottled water will contain a combination of these basic additives:


  • Magnesium sulphate-Dasani, Nestle Pure
  • Magnesium chloride-Smartwater
  • Potassium chloride-Dasani
  • Calcium chloride-Smartwater, Nestle Pure
  • Potassium bicarbonate-Smartwater
  • Sodium bicarbonate-Nestle Pure


2017 Leading labels

Tibet 5100-from a glacial spring in Tibet that is a protected source. The collection and subsequent bottling sees no air touch the water until you open the bottle.


From Hawaii comes Waiakea, a volcanic water that is filtered through porous lava. It contains minerals with added electrolytes for complete hydration. “A smooth refreshing taste.”


Fiji Natural Artesian water is also filtered through porous lava and contains minerals and electrolytes that it gathers along the way. “A soft refreshing taste”.


Voss from Norway is another artesian source of water from glacial melt waters. This water is labelled as ‘naturally pure’. Enjoy still, flavoured and sparkling waters.


Evian comes from the French Alps area where the water is filtered naturally through the mountainous region.


Smartwater is a distilled product that has a combination of trace elements and electrolytes added when it is bottled. “A fresh crisp, pure taste”.



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