Brands of Luxury Service Items

Brands of Luxury Service Items

When you are looking for the best fine service items or your luxury service establishment, it is vital to know the best brands out there who will offer you the best and highest quality product for your money.


Top Brands Of Serving Trays

Finding the best brand of serving tray really depends on the style of serving tray you are looking for. There are classic branded trays by big designers such as Hermes, Tiffany & Co., and Ralph Lauren. Or you can opt to go for other elegant and unusual designs that will dress up any formal occasion or luxury establishment, Jonathan Charles is a brand that offers fancy serving trays in many different sizes and shapes. Their serving trays are mostly crafted out of eglomise combined with gold or silver metals. The base of the tray is like a mirror, and the rest is shining gold or silver colored metal. If you like the look of a mirrored tray but are looking for something just a little bit less elegant, Eichholtz offers a lovely product called a Buccaneer Tray. Shagreen is an unusual but classy looking material that can be used in serving trays. If this is the style you want for your luxury establishment, AERIN and Forwood Design offer several distinctive styles that are sure to be a talking point.


Top Brands Of Silver Serving Ware

When you are looking for the right style of silver serving ware to use in your luxury establishment, one thing to keep in mind is that since you will want all your silverware to match, you must pick out a style from a top brand that will be easy to replace if a few pieces of silverware happen to go missing. There are four main categories of silverware styles you can choose from, and these are Classic, Gold Accent, Ornate, and Contemporary. There are at least seven sources for high-quality silverware, which are widely accepted as the top brands. These are: Empire Silver™, Gorham®, International® Silver Kirk Stieff®, Towle®, Tuttle®, Tiffany & Co., and Wallace®.


Top Brands Of Fine China Serving Ware

As with silverware, when you are buying a set of fine china serving ware for your luxury service, you should be sure and buy a collection that will make it easy for you to replace a few of your pieces if they go missing or are broken. Two of the most popular and high quality brands of china serving ware are Royal Doulton and Lenox. Waterford and Wedgewood are two more trusted top brands, as are Royal Albert, Lauren, and Royal Worcester Spode. There are a massive selection of styles available, so you can pick out one that will complement the design scheme and overall feel of your luxury establishment.


Top Brands Of Crystal Serving Ware

If you are looking for the right set of crystal serving ware to grace the dining area of your luxury establishment, you know how overwhelming it can seem to find a top brand that will deliver high quality products. Three of the top brands of crystal serving ware are Lalique, Stueben Glass, and Baccarat. All of these brands are well known for their beautiful crystal that has fluid, intricate designs. A few more top brands for crystal serving ware are Waterford Crystal, Rogaska, and Swarovski.

If anyone wants to add any other their favourite brands that are worth mentioning, please do let us know.

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