The Breakfast Table

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Breakfast Table

You may use the everyday table for breakfast depending on the occasion, however if setting the table in a formal environment, you’ll want it add in the extra items.


You would definitely use a tablecloth or a placemat to set your breakfast or brunch table. Either or will be fine. Each place-setting will get a plate, and a bowl on top of that. A fork would be placed to the left of the crockery and a knife, spoon and teaspoon to the right (optionally you can place a teaspoon on the teacup saucer which goes to the right of this cutlery. A bread plate will go to the left above the fork and a butter knife can be place either horizontally or diagonally on top of that. Both a water glass and juice glass go to the right.


There are several different options for serving breakfast. You may want a hot and cold buffet off to the side, you may want to serve everything from the galley / kitchen, or probably most popular, is to have a continental setup available and take hot orders a la carte. If this is the case, you can leave your cereal bowls near the cereal, and the plate will come warmed from the chef.


The breakfast table should also have butter, jam selection, salt & pepper.


How to set a breakfast table

How to set a breakfast table

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