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These training centres listed below are not endorsed by us – we are just providing you with a list of options to explore.  It would be our recommendation that you research the school you go to.  Some of these schools can be costly and/or disorganised.  By asking a few basic questions, this will help you make the right decision on what school to go to.


  • Check the course material. A short course would typically be no more than 4 weeks which is plenty to learn the basics.  Whilst you are training, start contacting managers in the industry to introduce yourself.  The right approach to the right person may secure yourself a 6 or 12 month internship which will set you on the path to success.
  • Practical work experience. Do they do practical experience in a simulated environment that matches the real world.
  • Untrained trainers. Do some research on your trainer – not just the school.  You want to know that they have at least 7 years’ industry experience to have accumulated a good variety of industry knowledge that they can pass on to you.
  • School Size. How many students do they have in each course.  Make sure you trainer has time to spend with you and you have access to them to ask any questions you have along the way.
  • Success Stories/ Endorsements. Can the school provide you with success stories from previous students whom you can contact.

We would love to hear from people who have been through any estate training through any of these, or other schools out there.  Please leave your comments below so future students can benefit from your experience and wisdom.




British Butler Institute

London SW1P 1SB

+ 44 (0) 2031 300 292


The Royal Butler

Almondsbury S32 4DU


Polo & Tweed
Mayfair, W1J 8LQ
+44 (0) 203 858 0233


Butler Bureau

+44 (0) 203 290 0142







SABA – South African Butler Academy

Cape Town

+ 27 21 000 1477





­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­The International Butler Academy

Huize Damiaan; NL – 6369 SV, Simpelveld

Tel: + 31 – (0) 344 – 67 39 37





Australian Butler Services

Yarrambat, Victoria

+ 61 (0) 423 850 611




Professional Domestic Services & Institute



Peak Technical Institute | Hospitality Training

Maryville, TN

+ 1 (855) 399 7325


Starkey International Institute

+ 1 303-832-5510




Charles MacPherson Associates

Toronto, Ontario

+1 (416) 369-1146



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