How To Fold Different Clothing Items

How To Fold Different Clothing Items

Folding laundry is a task that many people do not look forward to doing. Generally the reason that people put off folding their laundry after it has been washed and dried is because they don’t know how to fold it properly and feel overwhelmed.
There are a couple of reasons why folding laundry properly is so important. For starters having your clothes folded properly will prevent them from getting wrinkled and save you time on having to iron them. Also having your laundry folded in an orderly manner and properly put away helps you to be able to find exactly what you are looking for quickly and efficiently.

A Few Tips Before You Begin

· Before you begin folding make sure you have a good sturdy area to fold on. For the best results and the neatest folding job the area should be flat.
· Fold your laundry right away, immediately after it comes out of the dryer. If you let it sit around the wrinkles will set it.
· Tuck in all pockets, do up the buttons, and zip up the zippers on clothing before you begin to fold it. This makes it much easier to fold things properly.
· Work with the creases that your clothing already has to keep clothes looking nicer longer.
· Hang up the clothing that should be hung up, namely dress shirts, dresses and dress pants.

How to Fold Pants

· Hold the pants up by the waist so that they are hanging lengthwise as if you were wearing them
· While holding near the front of the pants tuck in about two inches in the front and the back of the waistband on both sides.
· Lay the pants flat with the crease on the front and the seams on the side.
· Fold pants in half from the bottom of the leg. You can fold pants in thirds as well depending on your storage room.

How to Fold Shirts

· Place shirt face down lying flat on your folding table
· Fold one sleeve and 1/3 of the shirt towards the back of the shirt using the collar as your guide. Make sure the sleeve is vertical to the side of the shirt and lies completely flat. Repeat with the other sleeve.
· Fold the bottom of the shirt up towards to collar in half or in thirds.
· Turn the shirt around so the front is facing up.

How to Fold Socks

· Place a pair of socks on your folding table together.
· You can either fold your pair of socks in half or you can roll them up depending on your preference.

Learning how to properly fold laundry is something that is not hard to do. It is just a matter of learning the right way to do it and then applying that knowledge every time. By following these simple steps you will be folding your laundry and getting it put away faster than ever before.

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