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French Riviera Cote de Azur Antibes

Looking for work?

Be there March, April, May


Yachties will follow 2 main seasons

Summer (May to early September) – Cruising Grounds = Mediterranean or NE US (NYC, Newport, RI.)

 Winter (Late November to March) – Cruising Grounds = US (Florida, Miami) / Caribbean

There are other cruising itineraries also, but this is the general ‘milk run’.  The months between Summer and Winter are the ‘shoulder seasons’.  Yachts that are not worldwide cruisers, will generally be doing 1 of 3 things

  1. Atlantic Crossing
  2. Holed up somewhere waiting for the next cruising season
  3. In a yard period

In the Med season – crew will mainly congregate either in Palma de Mallorca or Antibes to find work.

Because boats remain fairly stable with crew once they have started the cruising season – the best time to catch a break is either before or after the season.  Captains will be crewing up for the season in March/April/ early May.  June, July & August – these are the peak cruising months.  It is still possible to find work; however the next best time would be immediately after these months as crew start to ‘jump ship’.  By the end of September if you haven’t got work you need to start thinking about heading to Fort Lauderdale Florida.


Getting to/from Antibes

Public transport is excellent on the Cote d’Azur so getting around the area is easy. If you are flying to France, the closest major airport to Antibes is Nice.  From there you can get a train or bus.  The bus station is at nice airport – hop on a number 200 bus straight to Antibes or take the short walk to the train station. A taxi cab will cost you in excess of €50.



Information for crew new to Antibes

Many shop keepers in Antibes speak English so you should have little trouble being understood when out and about.

  • There are two major supermarkets, Casino and Carrefour, in Antibes as well as smaller stores and markets. Markets are located in Old Antibes on the Marche Provecal. You will find fresh food and produce as well as spice stalls, arts and crafts and lots of other interesting bits and pieces. Also here is an outlet of Geoffrey’s with a large range of British, Australian and New Zealand, American and South African products as well as newspapers and magazines.
  • If you are after a good hairdresser that speaks English check out The Cutting Shop at 7 Rue Thuret, or phone 04 9334 5555
  • If you need a doctor who speaks English try Dr Mechtid Lefebvre at 69 Blvd Wilson, Juan Les Pins or phone 0409293 0770 or try Drs Serge and Magali Nicastro at 110 Chemin du Puy or phone 04 9333 3255
  • There is also a dentist who speaks English at 5 Blvd Juan Les Pins or phone 04 9361 2179
  • The Hospital is located on Route National 7 or phone 04 9724 7777
  • To contact emergency call 112
  • If you need to store your goods such as golf clubs, surfboards or suitcases for any length of time there is a crew self storage at Square Foot Storage on Chemin de la Romaine or phone 04 9365 6257 for more information
  • If you are looking for the yachtie crew hang out – start at the Blue Lady Pub on Rue Lacan. Phone + 33 4 9334 4100


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