Stain Removal Tips

How To Remove All Kind Of Stains From Different Fabrics

There is nothing quite as frustrating as a stain on one of your favorite articles of clothing. Clothes are expensive and stains can be very hard to get out. But before you throw in the towel in despair and toss that stained item in the rubbish, try some of these helpful methods for getting out stains.

Time is of the Essence

Any time a you get a stain on your clothing it needs to be treated immediately. The longer it takes for you to try to get the stain out the more time the stain has to set in to the material and the harder it will be to get the stain out. When a stain sets in that means that the stain has formed a chemical bond with the fabric. When that happens it is almost impossible to get it out. Here are the first steps you should take when you notice a stain.


· Treat the stain with water as soon as it is possible. If you are home when you spill on yourself or stain your clothing you can treat it right away. If you are out in public try to get to a bathroom quickly to get water on the stain.


· Avoid heat. Only use cold water. Heat will cause the stain to increase the rate at which it bonds to the fabric of your clothing.


· Dab at the stain gently. Do not press onto it or rub at it aggressively.


Steps to Success

Successfully getting a stain out will depend on four things

1. How fast you treat the stain
2. Using the appropriate solvent to treat the stain
3. Applying the solvent in the proper manner
4. Effectiveness of after-care

Different Methods for Different Fabrics

The method that you use to treat stains will vary depending on what type of material the clothing is made from. Always test any methods on an inside spot or somewhere that is not noticeable to make sure it will not ruin the fabric.

· Cotton – cotton is more resilient than many other materials and can handle soaking, heating, drying, and bleaching if the cotton is white. For effective stain fighting use detergent with an acid such as lemon juice or vinegar.

· Wool – heat sensitive wool must be treated delicately. If you soak it you must lay it flat to dry or else it will dry distorted. Only use lukewarm water and a wool specific detergent. Do not put wool in the dryer.

· Synthetics – synthetics are all different so what you use will depend on the material. Rayon and polyester should be treated with detergent or dish soap and never bleached.

· Silk – If you treat a stain on silk with water you will need to get the whole garment wet or else you will get water spots. Silk is very difficult to treat but some glycerin stain removers have been helpful.

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