STCW Yacht Crew Training

Yacht Crew Training Requirements

STCW for yacht crew

Training is an essential part of almost everything we do, be it for work or for recreational purposes. If you plan on getting on a boat of any description you will need to undergo training. To be part of a boat’s crew you will need to undergo a basic training course and a training and certification course.

In order to get on a boat at entry level for an interior crew member you need to prove that you are capable of passing two training courses.

STCW five-day Basic Safety Training (BST) Course contains 4 separate modules that include theory and hands on tuition. This is a requirement to work on a boat in any capacity, be it crew or chef.

  1. STCW Personal Survival Techniques-takes place in a swimming pool and consists of basic survival at sea (up to 2 days)
  2. STCW Fire prevention and Basic Fire Fighting-live fire situations and theory work (2 days)
  3. STCW First Aid and CPR-first aid and training in CPR (1 to 2 days)
  4. STCW Personal safety and social responsibility-effective communication skills, using safety equipment, escape routes (1/2 day)


STCW Training schools

There are several schools around the world that offer this training for people wanting to work on boats. From the USA to Australia you will be able to find a course in your part of the world. The school needs to be approved by either the British Maritime and Coastguard Agency or the US Coast Guard.

We have provided a list of approved schools offering this course:



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