The best restaurants in Monaco

The Most Exclusive Restaurants In Monaco

A location of sublime ethereal beauty, the glamorous little stretch of land incorporates deep blue waters, vivacious flowers, graceful palm trees and the steep, rocky promontory jutting out into the Mediterranean. The country exudes an air of extravagant wealth and the decant opulence is reflected in its top notch cuisines and upscale restaurants as well.

When it comes to the culinary scene of Monaco, The breathtaking wealthy destination is marked by Michelin stars, featuring cuisines from around the globe, and Tables du monde, incorporating the best of Mediterranean’s local produce.

Here is the list of the most exclusive restaurants in Monaco, providing a transcendental experience to their guests:
1) Le Louis XV – Alain Ducasse à l’Hôtel de Paris

Inspired by the French Riviera, the exquisite Mediterranean haute cuisine, concocted by the commendable chefs Alain Ducasse and Executive Chef Franck Cerutti, works wonders to beguile its patrons. The meticulous service, immaculate table décor, and the celebrated wine list, featuring 600000 bottles and 950 vintage collections, have won the restaurant a staggering 3 Michelin stars. The magnificent grandeur of the restaurant, incorporating overhanging crystal chandeliers, gilded walls and precious fabrics festooning the walls of the dining rooms, leave the diners in awe!
2) Brasserie Restaurant at Columbus Monte Carlo

Life comes to a tranquil standstill when you dine at the spacious terraces of the brasserie on a balmy Monaco evening bordering on dusk, offering a spectacular view of the endearing Prince Grace Rose garden. Jumping on the bandwagon to adopt Monaco’s recent culinary fad, the brasserie offers gastronomic excellence, incorporating freshest Mediterranean food hand-selected from local markets. The Brasserie cuisine is an eclectic blend of French and Italian, with a subtle hint of Asian Influence, and boasts a staggering wine list to complement the fare.
3) Joel Robuchon Monte Carlo

Boasting 26 Michelin stars, nothing less could be expected from Robuchon. The restaurant takes the quintessential French cuisine at its best; incorporating intense flavors, immaculate presentations, innovative ingredients and the laudable attention to detail. From langoustine ravioli with truffles to quail caramelized with an apple puree, gastronomic creativity permeates the restaurant. The open kitchen provides an unprecedented view of the Picasso plates being diligently prepared by the executive chef Christophe Cussac.
4) Le Grill De L’hôtel De Paris

The most awe inspiring feature of Monaco’s most famous restaurant is the sliding roof, which rolls back to reveal a panoramic view of the beautiful Riviera skies, while the aromas of beautiful dishes make the diners snap their eyes back to the tables. The lunch and dinner at Le grill witness a complete transformation, with the lively ambience of midday routine lunches, dominated by the boisterous chattering of executives, replaced by the serene and romantic candle lit dinners at night. The eclectic Provencal menu is a Michelin starred masterpiece and hosts both traditional and contemporary cuisines.
5) Buddha Bar Monte Carlo

Since its grand opening in July 2010, the bar has been catering to elite diners and has brought innovation and sophistication to the culinary regime. From Buddha statues overlooking each table, to the eclectic amalgamation of Chinese, scented Thai fare, and Japanese sushi cuisine, the Buddha bar is the place to experience oriental culture at its finest. A lounge room with a DJ, playing until late, while you sip at cocktails, has also added a novel twist to dining in Monaco.

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